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Anna K.J. Issaïeff

Warsaw University
Lodz, Lodz District, Poland
Anna K.J. Issaieff is an artist (photography field) and a scientist (phenomenology area). She is representative of philosophy of dialogue and phenomenology while propounding the significance of "empirical and deliberate participation in continually created epistemological and existential process". She claims that the work of art has to embrace an intellectual element which is directed at the audience by the artist (the sender). This accounts for the beginning of a dialogue. Her aim is to "deliberately interfere with conventionally programmed thought patterns, deprive people of the feeling of having false identity and to make an attempt at reaching agreement with them, as well as to understand motivation driving them to broadly understood autonomy". At present she is working independently on a scientific dissertation, which consists of three parts covering the following areas: philosophical anthropology (Phenomenology of Action), epistemology (Phenomenology of Manifestation), ontology (Phenomenology of the Undivided). The research method chosen by Anna K.J. Issaieff is phenomenology. Accepted paper: Phenomenology of the Undivided Section: Phenomenology (Ontology)