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Jianbao Wang

PKU 北大& CKGSB 长江商学院
Director of CKGSB & Associate Researcher of PKU
Against the backdrop of a globalization with multiple modernities, we seek to develop “Confucian Entrepreneurship” as a new domain of public discourse by promoting dialogue between scholars and entrepreneurs with a view to creating new humanistic business models for entrepreneurship – in short, a New Business Civilization.
Since 2013, an annual Discourse on Confucian Entrepreneurs has been held on the following themes:
2013: Dialogue between Confucian Scholars and Businesspeople: Humanistic Spirit and Business Ethics;
2014: Confucian Entrepreneurs as Role Models for Wealth Creation;
2015 : Entrepreneurs, Conscience, and the Renewal of Values;
2016: Modern Confucian Entrepreneurship and Cultural Identity;
2017: Learning to be Human and the Spirit of Confucian Entrepreneurs.
In order to imbue contemporary business ethics with this ancient humanistic spirit, a special edition of the Discourse on Confucian Entrepreneurs has been organized under the auspices of the World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing on Saturday 18 August, 2018. The topic of this Invited Session is:
Spiritual Humanism as A World Ethos for Global Business
Under the rubric of Spiritual Humanism, the World Ethics Institute Beijing (WEIB) at Peking University and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) seek to explore a new paradigm for global business ethics by bringing teachers and practitioners of business together with academic philosophers for a day of panel and roundtable discussions.
Entrepreneurs in particular are invited to make their own unique contributions to this global dialogue on humanistic management, and to enrich discussions by offering their own concrete examples of the challenges and rewards of “Confucian entrepreneurship”.